Having migrated DNS and DHCP to a VM I decided I wanted to repurpose the N40L and move the services on it to a new VM on my hypervisor.

At the time the N40L was only running ZNC for IRC, DDclient and a Minecraft server.

As the Minecraft server was no longer used I decided to just migrate ZNC and DDclient, keep a backup of the Minecraft world and wipe the server.

On the hypervisor I used the clone feature in Proxmox to clone my existing Archlinux VM. I then disconnected the virtual NIC, booted it up and made the required changes to the hostname and IP address. I also removed the unneeded services from the clone, in my case Unbound and DHCPD.

In this case the existing VM was rather vanilla and I could get away with this method. However in theory I should really create a template that I can deploy on demand and I will be looking into this in the future.

With a clean vanilla Archlinux VM with the hostname and IP configured I installed both DDclient and ZNC.

sudo pacman -S ddclient znc

To migrate both I stopped the services on the N40L. I then copied over the configurations with the following commands from the VM:

To migrate DDclient:

rsync -av HostnameOfN40L:/etc/ddclient/ddclient.conf /etc/ddclient/

To migrate ZNC:

rsync -av HostnameOfN40L:/var/lib/znc /var/lib

I then started and enabled the DDclient and ZNC services on the new VM and updated the port forwards on my router.

systemctl start ddclient.service
systemctl enable ddclient.service
systemctl start znc.service
systemctl enable znc.service

I had to make some tweaks to iptables on the VM for my usecase as written in my previous post.

At this point everything was working as expected and after some testing to make sure that this was the case I backed up the minecraft world, shut down the N40L and wiped the hard drive for repurposing.