Hello! I’m Matt

I’m a multidisciplined geek with interests both inside and outside the world of tech.

I mainly work with Microsoft operating systems including everything from Windows NT Server to Windows 10/Server 2016…. so far. I also do a lot of work with Hyper-V, Vmware ESXI and Cisco IOS and ASA. Hardware wise I mostly deal with HP and Dell servers and desktops although I have also worked with IBM, Supermicro and others.

In my spare time I do a lot more work with Open Source and free software in both senses of the term. Although I currently run Windows 10 on my desktop, I used Linux as my primary operating system for many years and write this blog on an Archlinux virtual machine via SSH using ZSH and VIM. I also use git for version control.

The technologies I mainly work in as a hobby include various linux distributions, mostly Archlinux and Ubuntu at present and FreeBSD/FreeNAS. I also enjoy keeping the hardware in my gaming PC relatively up to date.

So far I have mainly posted Linux related content on this blog but that may start to change slowly to slightly wider subject matter.

I hope that anyone reading this might be able to find something here useful in some way and I always appreciate feedback.

DISCLAIMER: All opinions posted on this site (or anywhere else on the internet for that matter) are my own and do not represent the views of any past or present employer.